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doger&partner- hosting

We apply all 7 Core Processes:

1) Registration of Domains
2) Installation of CMS (WordPress, TYPO3 etc.)
3) Development of Website (8 Seiten)
4) Hosting of Website
5) Security-Updates
6) Marketing-Basic-Setup (SEO, Social Media etc.)
6) Back-Up-Automation
7) Consulting:

  • Maintenance of Website,
  • Visibility in Web (Google-Ranking etc.),
  • Reputation / Rennommee (e. g. “Buildup as expert in the web
I) Managed Server

  • 5€/month (+19%USt)
    – no installation costs
    – anytime callable  and
    – no contract period
  • incl. 1 domain
  • Storage 10GB
  • WordPress, TYPO3, PHP 7, Python 2.7
  • 4 CPU-Core / 3,0 GHz  / SSD / 32 GB RAM
  • Transfer volume unlimited
  • E-Mailboxes and
    Email-Adresses unlimited & WebMail-Access
  • Autoresponder, Spamfilter
  • Unlimited FTP User &
    WebFTP- and SSH-Access
  • Unlimited Datenbase Access
  • Unlimited Cronjobs and Restore points
  • Helpdesk, Directory listings
  • Webshop-Functionality available (*)
  • More Software (**)

Table 1: doger media hosting (pricing model)


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Table 2: pricing model competitors (click to compare)

All products and services of doger media are provided in cooperation with hetzner and mittwald. Due to scaling effects we´re able to offer our state-of-the-art hosting services and products with callable contracts within 7 days. The payment conditions are simple and we claim to have the most transparent conditions in our pricing, with the least contractual dependencies for the customer in the market. Please convince yourself, here the listing of the pricing models of our competitors in comparison to our services and products (see table 2):


Beside of hosting we´re specialized on the development and the optimization of mobile apps (see table 3):

SERVICES Web Content
Management,  Web Analytics
News Platform
Management Vodafone
Mondia Media
Centralisation of
Tag Management



PRODUCTS Innovation Management System, Software Development, Data Science, Big Data=>Smart Data Speech Analytics & Synthesis Extended Management Support Systems
  • Research
  • Development Optimization
  • Maintenance
software engineering + consulting for mobile platforms and client-server-architectures | content management: wordpress, red dot (open text) | webshops | management support | usability tests | quality management | data warehousing | data mining | design patterns | artificial intelligence | human centered system design  WDR

Table 3: Mobile Apps – Products and Services

We offer seminars on the following subjects and areas among mobile app development (see table 4):

COURSE 1: Project Management, Cybernetics, Requirement Engineering, Procedure Models System Theory, Knowledge & Collaboration Management, Risk & Change Management, Agility, Scrum, Deliverables, MS Project, JIRA, UML, PRINCE2, Leadership etc.
COURSE 2: Object-orientation (OO) and Design Patterns Basics of Java and OO, Model-View-Control, UML, Class-, Sequence-, & Deployment Diagrams, Spring MVC
COURSE 3: Frameworks, Libraries and Programming Languages Basics, Typology, Django, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Spring MVC, Hadoop, AndroidBuilder, Docker, react.js
COURSE 4: Computer-aided Software Engineering (CASE) and Integrated Development Environments (IDE) -Tools Basics of CASE- and IDE-tools, Eclipse, Netbeans, Orion, PyDev, Atom,io, sublime, notepad++, vim, PacestarUML, StarUML,
COURSE 5: Testing and Quality Assurance (Q&A) Software Testing, Agile Methodology, Scrum, Kanban, Test plan, -requirements and -specifications, Test versioning, Design of test cases, Test Documentation – ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119, Test Reports and Metrics, Bug Tracking, Test Management and Automation Tools, JIRA agile
COURSE 6: Delivery Management and Software Lifecycle Tracking various Scrum teams efforts, Implementation of corrective actions, Delivery Monitoring, Program and Portfolio, Software Lifecycle Management (Requirements->Development->Testing-> Deployment->Maintenance->New Requirements->…)
COURSE 7: The Arts and Science of Storytelling & Documentation Context of a story, Stairs of Knowledge (Symbols->Data->Information->Knowledge->Context/Story), Making new sense, Context of human values, such as emotional and motivational structures, usability, ergonomy, Collaboration, Communication, Healthy growth of ideas, goals, products and services

Table 4: Mobile Apps Development- Workshop


We offer OM services among each OM channel. Please see them listed below (see table 5):

CONSULTING marketing automation | machine learning | multi channel campaigns + conception | search engine optimization (SEO) | search engine advertisement (SEA) | email marketing | customer relationship management (CRM) | targeting | video marketing | mobile marketing | affiliate marketing | keyword analysis | competitor analysis | visibility + popularity analysis | landing pages | conversion optimization | web analytics | photography | video + music production
BLOGS Conception and development of ScienceBlogs, MediaBlogs, ProductBlogs etc.
WEBSHOPS Conception and development of Webshops
COACHING Conception and design of workshops, seminars and coachings

Table 5: Online Marketing – Products and Services